Mobs Skins:

MW2 Ranger (Needs a no neck mob model.xml)

Creeper Includes creeper sounds. Dosent Explode. Looks 100% as the real thing.

SheepIncludes its own model

TigerIncludes its own model

GhostIncludes its own model

Neck Ghost(Uses default model)

Ghost Assasin(Uses default model)

Skeleton(Uses default model)

Marine(Uses default model)

Legs and Arms Creeper (Needs a no neck mob model.xml)

Enderman (Needs a no neck mob model.xml)

Zombie(Needs a no neck mob model.xml)

Zombie 2(Needs a no neck mob model.xml)

TurtleIncludes its own model

GiantIncludes its own model

Creeper 2

Predator(Needs a no neck mob model.xml)


Herobrine(Needs a no neck mob model.xml)


Zombie/Human(Needs a no neck mob model.xml)


No Neck Models Download:


Model 2

Model 3

Model 4

NOTE: Some this models Work with one kind of skin, for those kinds you will have to find it. But this just happens in rare casses, but if you DO download one that dosent correctly work with the skin, try to download another one.


How to install on android:

1-Go to your files and follow this step by step:

A- Android

B- Data

C- com.br4mmie.minebuilder

D- Files

2- Look for the files:

> pumpkinhead_model.xml

> pumpkinhead_texture.png


3- Raplace the files in the downloaded skin file with the ones on there. (The files you will replace should have the same name before replacing them)

4- Some skin files will have their own mod sound, you should replace them to.

5- Some skins will have to use a model.xml that is now included with the skin. (EXAMPLE: "MW2 Ranger")

6- Some skins will use the standar model.xml (EXAMPLE: "Skeleton:)

7- Placing the Wrong Sking with the Wrong model might cause a unwantable mob, so be careful replacing the files.

How to install on IOS


- Enjoy