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About Minebuilder

Minebuilder is a game like minecraft, that is founded in the Android Market. You can craft things and build your own world. These games of squares has been seen since "Minecraft" was realeased. But The creator of "Minebuilder" (Bram Buurlage) Took a step ahead of many others "Minecraft fan" based games. Not only did Bram Buurlage did A game that is really familiar to Minecraft but he made it possible even for low android devices. This Game have reached over 2,000 ratings and its a 4.1 total rate. The game is fast, cool, and adictive. One of the bigger update is the Multiplayer. Minebuilder has still some bugs that are getting fixed. Please anjoy the rest of the website.

Lastest Game Version- 1.10.3

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