House Building (Shelter)

A shelter is the only way you could be safe in the night against MOBS.

There are several ways to construct a shelter. You can either build one in the open from materials you collect (Dirt, Wood, Stone etc. (although this is hard to make), you can enclose the mouth of a cave, hole or other naturally occurring hollow, or you can dig a hollow in the side of a hill or make a hole in the ground.

When choosing a method, you should consider your surroundings, what you have managed to collect, how much time you have until nightfall and your personal preference; however, it must have these key features:

  • Light. Mostly so you can see what you're doing.
  • Walls. Hostiles cannot deal you damage. Make these out of dirt, wood, or whatever block you have an abundant amount of. However, it is recommended you change weaker blocks for stronger blocks like Cobblestone, stone, Iron or even Obsidian in the future.
  • A door. If you have six planks, you can make a Door for your shelter. When placing it make sure you place the door from the outside of your house so it dosent look weird. Also think a bit about the structure of your house as this will really be your only chance to change it, without having to destroy most of it and rebuild.

Enjoy your first night. If you have made a cave, you can extend it with a Pickaxe if you have to go through stone, or your bare hands if dirt or a Shovel, but be sure to keep any additions well lit. You can either spend the night in your hole/house/cave, or, if you're feeling brave, you can adventure out with your sword and take your chances with the mobs.

If everything else is unsuccessful, or you somehow die and spawn. (which hopefully the spawn point is near your shelter), and night has already fallen...fear not! Dig three blocks down, cover your head with another block. Then wait out the night.

-Have Fun