This list is rather incomplete, unfortunately it is difficult/impossible to access the original forum sites and changelogs.

Pre 1.6Edit

  • Basic game

Version 1.6Edit

  • No mobs
  • Bigger Trees

Version 1.7Edit

  • Added more stability
  • Added The Haunt!

Version 1.8Edit

  • Added sound
  • Added Minecraft Map import
  • Added texturepack and mod support
  • Added health
  • Added pumpkinheads
  • Added elevator
  • Added servers

Version 1.9Edit

  • Added new menu
  • Added new texturepack

Version 1.9.1Edit

  • unknown

Version 1.9.3Edit

  • Presumed the first iOS version
  • Bug fixes and slight Ui improvements

Version 1.9.4Edit

  • Better world generator
  • Bug fixes and UI improvements

Version 1.10Edit

  • TNT
  • Added mobs (Boar, Deer, Bunny, Bomb Spider, and Unicorn!)
  • Improved mob spawning, despawning and saving mob states
  • Improved controls
  • Improved lava/water graphics
  • Improved terrain generation
  • New world file format (mbworld instead of mbw)
  • No iOS release
  • Other bug fixes

Version 1.10.1Edit

  • 1.10 release for iOS
  • (iOS) Sharing worlds through iTunes

Version 1.10.2 and 3Edit

  • Unknown; no iOS releases

Version 1.10.4Edit

  • Added beds
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 Graphics (shaders)
  • Swimming mobs
  • Improved terrain generation

Version 1.10.5Edit

  • Bug fixes

Version 1.10.6Edit

  • Added Creative and Hardcore modes
  • Added Flat and Skyblock worlds
  • Added fancy animation to menu
  • Added bow and arrow

Version 1.10.7Edit

  • Rails
  • New Java server program (stability, plugins and bug fixes)
  • Improved terrain generation
  • Fall damage
  • Ovens
  • Other Features and bug fixes

Version 1.10.7Edit

  • Fixed several mob bugs
  • New textures
  • Improved world spawning
  • Other bug fixes

Version 1.11.0Edit

  • Added saddles for unicorns!
  • Added copper wiring system
  • New ores
  • New Menu
  • New UI graphics
  • New control options
  • New sounds
  • Background music!
  • New world file format (mbsave instead of mbworld)
  • New way of installing mods with mbmods
  • Removed screenshot function because it did not work on most devices and is obsolete for many devices because of device screenshot
  • Lots of other minor improvements and bugfixes
  • Devices with small screens were temporarily unsupported, fixed in 1.11.1

Version 1.11.1Edit

  • Fixed the interface for devices with small screens (Android)
  • World loading fixed
  • Duplication bug fix
  • Invisible cart fix
  • Other fixes

Version 1.11.2Edit

  • Performance and Stability
  • Improved mob spawning
  • Goblins

Version 1.11.3Edit

  • Added new slabs
  • Added stairs
  • Added fences
  • Added 3D clouds
  • Added distribute button for crafting
  • Bug fixes

Version 1.12Edit

  • Added pistons, sticky pistons, buttons and switches
  • New UI
  • Added smooth lighting
  • Added biomes
  • Added energy
  • Added generated structures
  • Lots of new (biome specific) blocks
  • New texture generation
  • Fancy water
  • Farming
  • Lots of minor bug fixes
  • Android versions prior to 2.3.6 and some other devices were unsupported

Version 1.12.1Edit

  • Armour
  • Visual Effects
  • Added fully animated player model
  • Minor UI changes
  • Bug fixes