How to Find A Cave System:

How to find:

Since 1.10 Cave systems are closer to the surface. Building a stair way down is the most efficiently way to find one.

If you reach contact with lava directly and not with a cave system, Go some steps back up and try again.


Ores are in distributed All over under the Sand/Dirt Levels.

This is the rarity of each Ore:

Coal: easy to find

Iron: normal to find

Gold: hard to find

Diamond: Really hard to find.


When the world is loading at the begining u have from 3-9 seconds to look trought stuff and black areas in the ground are cave systems. (You can see lava this way too)

Mining Blocks while in Underground:

If you are lagging you can see trught blocks in your mine everytime you mine one this way you could find them.

X-ray texture packs:

All texture packs which edit an opaque block so that a part of it/ all of it is transparent can help find caves. When the block is looked through, it shows every air pocket above and underground. However, this is cheating and im not responsible if you choose this option.